Some Tangential Thoughts

Here comes a miscellany (which I have bumped into n number of times on all my favorite blogs)
1.Why do manufacturers think Indian autos need n’t have a reverse gear?
2.Where from the phrase – baker’s dozen (13) came in?
3.Madhu Sapre was asked the egg-chicken order of existence as her question for finals….she answered chicken without wasting a second…and won the beauty pendant.
4.Not even one percent of indian population knows that our national emblem has animals like horse,bull and elephant also apart from the lion in the design.
5.Pramod Mahajan, before going unconscious,told people to opt for the hospital farther from the other option because the closer one had a one way traffic to be confronted with which could have taken its time toll.He also told people around to inform doctors about his blood group…and that he is a diabetic…and he had allergies from xyz antibiotics…….!!!
6.COEP administration is intelligent enough to reject the offer entailing booking First Year students for direct job placement (along with their engg education funding) by corporate bluechips like IBM.
7.When everything comes your way….you surely are in the wrong lane. (Hey …did you notice the uncanny relevance between point 6 and point 7?…if you did…you surely are a prudent reader…if not…just move on 😛 )
8.Why do people from Pune Times think puneites are dying to know when is Nicole Kidman having a kid?
9. When SRK returns from London in K3G….his personal helicopter shuttle landing in the lawns…making thunderous noise is not good enough to let Jaya Bacchan inside the ‘castle’ know that her son has arrived….but as soon as SRK gets closer to the door…the motherly insticnt inside her automatically tells her that her son has arrived .. before he knocks…and yes…by the way…there are no attendants for the palatial residence at door! ….may be coz its a KJ movie.
10.How are you supposed to react,when a friend of yours,after listening to the brazil (venga boys) audio….asks you …”why is this song called ‘brazil ‘by the way?”….

PS::If possible,make a click effort and read Mandar’s comment on the amanuensis post below….a very relevant and anecdote sort of comment…as he was my classmate,buddy when I wrote those papers for blind candidate.

PPS:Hey,just got a thing…a google search for Rohit Pandharkar gives you top few search results from mot juste…my blog can be the best place for a stranger to look out for me :D….kidding.


2 thoughts on “Some Tangential Thoughts

  1. ya
    nice observations
    but i dont think yar u were introvert
    u were always ready to talk on any subject
    ur gr8 keep it up
    i think u have the ability to r8 a book on any sub
    that u like
    coep asunahi college la jatos ka?
    nasashil jat tar
    hi advice kami yeil
    i m serious!!!!!!!

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