The Perfect Score

Of  late, while randomly surfing through channels, I haulted over a scene.
A big examination hall,presumably that of a US high school.A girl, looking at her question paper booklet in a tensed mood.In the right half corner, the letters appear:Anna , Age 18, GPA : 4.0,Class Rank 2.
The Perfect Score

God knows what exactly made me hault at that HBO scene, but I just decided to wait n watch…..
The camera once again pans over the class.This time a black student is focused, in the same position, with a pencil in his hand, looking blankly at his question paper booklet.The booklet says : College Board, Educational Testing Services,ETS,Princeton.A few seconds later, again in the right corner, the keyed in letters appear: Mike, age 18, GPA 2.7, class rank 81,high school basket ball captain
As expected the camera moves again, focusing on different “characters”.Finally, summing upto six of them.Each from a varied background, with widely spaced GPAs, from different parts of the country.Except for they have just one thing in common : All of them badly screw up their SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test.

High school basketball match.Mike checks out of the field, all drenched with his sweat.Two of his classmates drag him into the restroom, and there initiates the plan.
Total six of them, all unhappy with their SAT scores having a vibrant discourse.Someone conludes…”The hell with it! ETS is n’t being fair with us! they are not testing what we know, they don’t test Mike’s basketball flair, they don’t test Emily’s painting skills, they don’t test the tact of hacking! all that they test is how good you are at mugging up the esoteric words that the ETS director himself would n’t have known at the age of 18 and those silly quant problems asking us to count the profit of the milkman if he spills out half the milk on his way and sales remaining at 210% of the original price! wtf! “
“Fine”, Anna comes in,with a chuckle, in a low tone suggests:”Tit for tat, if they are n’t playing fair!, why shall we?”


there starts the movie,


A fascinating story of six teenagers trying to get the shit out of ETS officials in Princeton.The plan is to somehow steal the paper based SAT booklet just the night before they take the test again, and to get a perfect score to go to whatever place they wish to.

Wait!, its not just about it, the pic, in general, metaphorically, also tries to delve into the subject of resorting to unfair means to fulfill your desires.It talks about why the hell we need to stick to morals even when they hinder the achievement of the desire.

Then onwards the movie moves at a fast pace, not leaving enough time for you to wait n think over the unfair means they resort to.The plan to steal the papers is just marvellous…exactly same as what a team of eighteen year olds would draw out.The masquerades, the password hacking, the pizza delivery trick used to make the security guard move away from the CCTV cams and the thrilling scene of the SAT paper file opening in front of them…everything is simply fantastic.
So, so far so good, ain’t it? They manage to get the SAT now they are done with it…right?….No!
You can almost sense that the movie is about to end, and then comes the twist in the story.
Its again all six of them…together in the same restroom where the plan was articulated.The leader tosses up the answers,”There you are, get those and get your SAT cracked just for the heck of it!,one thing, I won’t be repeating my SAT.I have decided to stay put here, and work on my project…coz that is what I love, getting into Harvard, or Yale or whatever…is n’t going to give me what I want, all I want is to work over my transducer, and I am having the best energy transformation expert in US to guide me here, god knows why the hell I was so desperate to get into the top univs!, its a piece of cake I just don’t need anymore! So, I am out, the answers are all yours. “
…..abominable lull. A gloomy silence.And surprise!, nobody moves ahead to take the answers.
“Come on, are nt you game?, its all in front of you, whatever painstaking efforts we put in for the plan, have fructified!”
“Sorry, but even I no longer need them!”
“me too”
“me too”
…and all, step a foot back from the table, showing their refusal.
During the execution of plan, each and everyone of them has realised that this is just not what they want.The hacker realises that whats the big deal,”If I can break the ETS computer password in an hour, I sure am intelligent enough to crack those elusive quant problems.”
And Anna,oh….here she is:
“Guys, I am sorry, I dinn tell you, but I scored a decent 1530 in the first go”
“1530??? wtf? why the hell did you join us then?”
“well, just for fun, you know, all through my school life, I have been a nerd.Getting those four point zero inevitably made me sacrifice all the fun in my life till date, so I just kinda wanted to compensate for it, when I came to know you guys are moving into this adventre, I just felt like teaming up with you guys and have some fun!”
And that’s it! All six of them, now had their own reason to not to use those stolen answers.
And out walks everyone, sans the answers with a new lesson learnt in life.Mike throws back the answer slips behind him callously,
all flying randomly in the restroom, one of them landing over the camera,
telling…THE END.


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