Some Tangential Thoughts: Revived

1. How come Americans park on a driveway, and drive on a parkway?
2. Is patriotism a mere conviction that our country is the best ‘coz we were born in it?
3. Pramod Mahajan, before going unconscious,told people to opt for the hospital farther from the other option because the closer one had a one way traffic to be confronted with which could have taken its time toll.He also told people around to inform doctors about his blood group…and that he is a diabetic…and he had allergies from xyz antibiotics.Ever wondered what is presence of mind ?

4. Why do manufacturers think Indian autos need n’t have a reverse gear?
5. It is only denominator, who knows why we are n’t ought to ‘belittle ‘others.

6. All generalizations are false,including this one.
7. Not even one percent of indian population knows that our national emblem has animals like horse,bull and elephant also apart from the lion in the design.
8.Throughout his life, a man faces hardships, to make his shadow grow longer than himself, finally….he achieves it….only to know that, the sun is about to set.

9. Madhu Sapre was asked the egg-chicken order of existence as her question for finals….she answered chicken without wasting a second…and won the beauty pendant.
10. enginners are supposed to deliver products….not equations…surprisingly…this quote is by my maths prof.How interesting is that?


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