Ahoy!…How many seconds did you take to gather that?, well if you did so in around a second, you belong to the Ku Klux Klan of Lexicon Intellgentsia!, at least the Wiki site vouches so.
And if you did fail, never mind, it is just another sort of jabberwocky from the inane God-knows-who types wiki contributors.However, I would like you to know what it means,
(at least the definition that I know, you never know what Merriam webster has to say about it as it defines tract=Pamphlet! 😀 #%@#!)
The word means the tendency to consider everything worthless or belittling everything around.
Anyways, if you are baffled enough by the verbosity of the post, you can just Floccinaucinihilipilify my blog! (well, sounds cumbersome eh ;), so rather stick to reading it 😛 rather than following the arduous task of following the 27 lettered word.)

Signed: Mr.Antidisestablismentanarian -You-know-who(:P).


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