Mind Tools: My experiments with reading

Psychology, as it is, is one of the subjects that interests me without any mark incentive.For, I have always thought of it as a powerful tool to keep myself blissful all the time.

At the outset I would like to turn you toward the subtleties of mindtools, that I always do advocate (not that I have mastered them all, however have been using them to realise enough of their power).

My favorite one is: reading speed.I often do wonder, why the hades, people around never ever bother to take conscious efforts towards their reading speed.At the same time, I do envy people who have an inherited fast reading speed.I never had this in born reading speed, even though my dad is a great reader (its only these days that I can match with his speed).Whatsoever, I at least do have the conviction of being able to raise my reading speed with dedicated efforts, as it is, I was taught the basic techniques in my school (where we had a  special period called ‘rapid reading’…..well yeah yeah, I know , Jnana Prabodhini is a great school :P).Beginning with those basic skills, I tried to do the latter part with my own ideas, like I used to read read TOI horizontally, or upside down….the two adjacent columns make no sense when read together, you get a practice of just recognising the word blocks without interconnecting them meaningfully, that being done, one can turn towards vertical reading.Its like , first trying out with a heavy bat, and entering the match with a lighter bat….same effect.Second thing I tried to do is, constantly urge myself to read faster.After a faily good amount of experience, I also got used to moderating my speed with the importance of the text that ‘m reading, like there is just no comparison between my TOI reading speed and the speed with which I read my ECA book.Reading for fun is like a cart race, I fumble over the words, in an attempt to read faster, but never allow myself to go back.backtracking is one of the major pitfalls in fast reading.These days what my dumb brain is experimenting with is, trying to develop a simultaneous note structure in my mind while reading. Otherwise generally what I do is, I stop reading and then try to revise what I have understood from the text, as a matter of fact, should n’t be this way.One should be able to menorise and read the next thing, simultaneously, its high time we learn multi tasking.I know people around who can literally speak on phone, read a mail and fill up thir dossiers at a time.God….bless them.

Towards the end, I would like to point out that, improving speed is something everyody can do lifelong, there is never a saturation speed achieved, as it seems human brain can redefine itself with efforts.So, lets give it a shot, what say?

PS: The blogger in context also happened to casually appear for a scholarship test online by Indiatimes, simulatneously while writing this post, and to your surprise, he scored out-of on the test, and has received a scholarship. 🙂

Mood: Happy.


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