It is often puzzling, and at times disturbing too, to know that your character is determined by the people around you and not by what you perceive of yourself.However, such is life, keeps making you run around, guessing what people would like you to behave like.Sometimes, the mind retaliates….to walk on the much trodden path, that everyone follows.Thats is when, the thought strikes…why not be a rebel? why does one need to keep his untold fantacies suppressed, down under? or going a bit further, why not do a thing if for all I know , it is really worth doing and fits the bill as far as my conscience is concerned.Why the hell there always has to be a moral policing.I am not talking about being eccentric, mind you.I am talking about doing things that are not really bad but one is generally ostracized for doing so.Like….being a single mother, being touchy about nation service or the likes.God knows why people never take it in their own stride to accept and appreciate someone who is doing something they can never dare do but is really worth doing.Pah….if you cant spend in all your life working for the nation, why mock at a person who is willingly doing so.Or why not to hail a mother who wants to raise a child without being attached to the irritating bounds of a male dominance? Well, the intelligentsia might claim that tad regulation is indispensible lest the society would go berserk without any code of conduct.I find it really hard to imagine how the society will go berserk if every tom dick n harry around the corner thinks of serving the nation.May be in the other case of being a single mother…it is so….but how many women have the enough of substance to do so?…not many, right.Examples discussed hitherto are just the quintessential ones, there can be many more…like someone who is working for the tribes, leaving aside the perks his doctoral life can avail him, someone who is working for the canals and rivulets in the village farms, denying the lucrative engineering jobs….all are publicly mocked at, for the decisions they have taken.I can imagine, these people convining themselves….forget….god, they dunno what they are talking about, fogive them! 😀


3 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. you know…
    thats what is called a society.There cannot be a situation where rebels outnumber in the system; when they do,they become a part of the system.the gyst is that the minority are called rebels.
    Rebels have less social security and non-rebels have more of it.
    These norms are described by rulebooks usually known as relegions.

    The rebellian who dares to cross the norms either forms another religion or gets burnt(if he has less following…thats because of social security)…

    so all this fuff was to tell u that being rebel will have variable meanings…that is for example a girl in your college will not be titled “outstanding” because she is being educated (because that has become a part of our system).

    so you can go ahead with your plans of marrying a french girl..(I mean of course if you want to..)..
    thats genetically beneficial in terms of genetics.(take my word for it!)

    good luck!!!

  2. Marrying a french girl!…pah……I will be better off even if I find one in India 😉 Anyways, it was nice to see someone giving my post a good thought.Thanks for the long comment.I agree with most of the part.

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