‘The’ GRE

Now it can be told. 🙂 Well, after past few days of hardwork (I actually thought of using lucubrations/privations/travail/long haul/grueling etc but “now that the GRE is done”, I wont use such crappy words in my normal lingo.) Ok, so where were we? yes, after those efforts put in, it feels really nice. No MORE BARRONS MAN!……chill!…even then, frankly speaking, the day after my GRE, I really missed doing barrons. I will always remember the GRE prep days. All that ‘Paagalpan’, of thinking of GRE words all the time you eat/sleep/drink/…breathe! I went to Citypride the same day, and saw “the statues outside the shops where they display the clothes”…”Mannequin!” …suddenly my mind responded 🙂 Mannequin is the apt word for such statues displaying clothes. But I scolded myself n told…dude…chill….no more GRE in your life. Its done. And quite ‘well done’. I need not reiterate (avoiding the temptation of using regurgitate/prattle/harp etc) how crap is GRE n all…like how it makes no sense to test english and 7th grade maths for an MS in Electrical engineering admission, however, I have also noticed some positive aspects of GRE in due course of time. Everybody will agree (avoiding: unanimously/without dispproabation/cocede/accede etc 😛 ) that GRE gifts you with an awesome vocab (avoiding : lexicon) for lifetime. These days even the Times editorials are n’t a big deal. Apart from that GRE is crap.It does not test the things that need to be tested and tests weird abilities like that of counting  what will be the arithmetic mean of all angles in a triangle (That was the ‘phaaltoo-est’ quant question I have ever seen.).

At the end the feeling is like, ok GRE is done. No big deal. Move ahead.

And if at all you are wondering what was my score,

its 1520/1600.(800q, 720v).

GRE is done. Long live GRE.

And yes…thanks to HIM.


4 thoughts on “‘The’ GRE

  1. ha ha ha..
    so i guess we have ‘apna pandu’ back now [:p]…
    and, congrats.. u did manage to get an amazin score!!
    (also, plz resist the urge to find out grammatical errors in the prev sentences.. or this one.Now that GRE is over n all [;)]…)

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