Following are some of the useful links and prep sites that I used during my GRE preps, alongwith some tips. 



Vocabulary building



Some Testing softwares to download



GRE Training sites



Online dictionaries:

Encarta right click dictionary



Preparation Strategies



Random stuff



Books to use:

1) Barrons GRE: A must

2) Princeton: Okayish: easy level

3) Kaplan: Toughest of all, and to be done at the end.

4) Arco, Cliff, etc are random (do only if you have enough time left)


1) GRE BIG BOOK is a must. It has around 27 real old pattern GREs but if you solve them all, you almost crack the actual GRE

2) Powerprep ETS 2 tests: These tests are exact estimates of what you will get actually (error: +- 20 marks),

so better write them in last 14 days. 2nd test should be written 2 days prior to actual test

3) Barron tests at the end of book are fairly good.

4) Remember: Kaplan scores are least what you can get on GRE and Princeton scores are max you can get.


1) Always keep a record of your all test scores: To make you know how you are improving

2) Though barron is not a complete set of vocab, it is the bare minimum.

One must finish off Barron WL at least 2 weeks brefore xm.

All in all, keep in mind, GRE IS CRAP, it tests 7th std maths for MS electrical admits….and makes you mug up the arcane words that americans themselves dont use…getting 1500+ is always possible, and keep an eye on the same.

Good luck.



11 thoughts on “The GRE

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  3. thanks ruhit … i feel better seeing people studying hard and doin it well.. as a foreigner the verbal part made me discourage since there is alot to learn . but now i see u did it i feel better and i know i still can make it.
    i want to ask about the analytical ? how was it preparing for it cos it is the part that scares me the most

  4. hi iam giving GRE on FEB 22 2010 and still i havent prepared any thing but i have idea how to go through is this time is sufficient for study and appear and iam going for full time study.

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