While browsing through the May 2008 version of IEEE Spectrum, I came across this line” The UK Banks have made it mandatory for the customers who have been victims of Phishing to have had personal firewall and latest antivirus to be installed at the time of receipt of the phishing mail.”

The line indeed immediately creates a lot of questions in mind, as is it from the perspective of a service provider, a right move, to distrust all the customers seeking redressals for their phished banking accounts, and have them installed the latest security softwares as a preventive measure. While use of personal firewalls for safety is a different issue in its own, I would like to probe into the issue of refusing the liability to customers on part of the banks by showing a total lack of trust on n the cuistomers.I would rather prefer the banks to have a segregated treatment policy, which honors the esteemed customers who have had a respectable bank account history in terms of monetary magnitude as well as fidelity exhibited while repaying the loans. I certainly don’t not approve of this “at large” distrust policy showing distrust in ‘all’ the ciustomers and indicating that the bank is not at all ready to amortize for those who are in a way are affiliated to phishers “by not installing a personal firewall” (sic).  


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