‘Peace’ of Good Writing

Most of my friends have told me that one often feels surprised to look at scribblings of own after a year or so, and amazed to see how eloquently [?] one has jotted down the thoughts with convincing examples, with the finesse of a seasoned writer. I was going through my Issues written during the days of GRE preparation and found this one which I had mailed Kapeesh for a feedback.Having a look at it after a year or so, it makes me doubt how I ever wrote such a cogent piece [Unfortunately my brain seems to have been programmed to interchangeably use peace and piece, and type the as ‘teh’. I have given up trying for improvement on that front. ].Here it is, might help for those who are preparing for the AWA.

(I have pasted it here along with the typos I made in the initial draft 🙂 )

“Working according to conformity by default, means narrowing down your horizons”, said Mahatma Gandhi.I do concur with the statement claiming that being in conformity as a consequence results in deadening of individual creativity and energy.
It makes sense here, to analyze the purview of the definitions of conformity in different contexts before delving into its effects.Conformity, literally relates to being in accordance with the standard beliefs and conventions, set by the society.The standards may vary in their scope as per the contexts.Like, conformity in social behavior is tantamount to adhering to the religious chores, and traditions set in the past.For instance, marrying a person of opposite sex is in conformity with the societal ethos, however, homosexuality transcends the standards of conformity by being an act which is publicly debunked.
After making the implications of conformity clear, we can move on to the reasons, which deaden the individual creativity and energy.A desire or intuition to think out of the box, and in an unconventional way is the basic necessity for delivering something creative.It is important to note that conformity in essence extirpates the very roots of creativity by besieging the novel minds by the shackles of standards. I find the Galileo’s example quite relevant here, to support my point. When Galileo came up with the idea of heleo-centric solar system he was ostracized for opposing the biblical beliefs that all planets revolved around earth.Thus, Galileo’s attempts to put forth his concept was a complete departure from conformity. Had he preferred to think as per the societal standards, perhaps even till today, we would have been studying a wrongly conceived solar system in our school books.Hence, conformity in most of the cases deadens the individual creativity whenever a non conventional product is likely to be the outcome, as in the case of Galileo.
Secondly, I would like to focus the point of flagging of energy due to conformity. An enthusiasm for looking forward to something novel is the true impetus behind an individual’s energetic approach. Conformity along with it brings in a monotonous humdrum of life, which eventually drains out the juice of liveliness from a person’s mind. I remember reading a fable, where in a fish at the outset tries hard to get out of an aquarium.But after putting in real dint, when he fails to come out, he starts thinking, that perhaps, aquarium is the only world around.He forgets that for once he used to live in a vast ocean. This is an example where, conformity results in the complete suppression of individual energy.
I do not deny however, that at times conformity is essential and may even prove to be beneficial rather than oppressive for burgeoning of creative aptitude and even the revitalization.Like, one can argue that conformity, eventually leads person to think of various ways in which he can bring variety without failing the normal standards.For example, a woman who is bound to wear fully cladden clothes for cultural reasons obviously looks forward to ornaments, accoutrements to make her looks impressive as the society does not let her wear objectionable, but attractive clothes.Nonetheless, I would like to bring over the word “almost always” used in the statement now! When we are considering the “almost always” sort of cases, such exceptions are bound to exist but do not suffice to repudiate or undermine the statement.
To sum up, I would like perorate with the lines of J. Thomson: “The most powerful factors in the world are the unconventional ideas in the minds of energetic men of good will”.Thus, being bound by conformity ‘almost always’ results into a deadening of individual creativity and energy.

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