A Tribute to Prof. Nitin Narappanawar

Prof. Nitin Narappanawar has been one of my mentors in my undergraduate life. I am pasting the mail that I wrote to him on the teacher’s day. These are the excerpts of what I feel about my guide, and friend philosopher.

[Prof. Nitin Narappanawar is Professor in Electrical Engineering, at the Dept of AESD,

International Institute of Information Technology (I Square IT), and has formerly taught me Engineering Math courses.]

Respected sir,

My greetings to you on teacher’s day. Unfortunately I am in IITB today and hence cannot come over to meet you so thought of mailing you. I do not want to let this sound as flattery but i feel it is important to let you know some of my thoughts. You have been my guide not only in academic curruclum but also in my personal life and in career plans. I think, the time spent in interesting and random discussions near the doorstep of the class on all possible topics (which is our usual practice 🙂 ) was as important as the hours spent in learning M1, M2 M3 inside the class. I remember the rambling discussions you me and Neeraj used to have during the class. All those discussions have created an influence somewhere and somehow in my line of thought. I think having you around for guidance always made a difference. For example, people around are now realizing why crossing ‘9’  in CGPA is important. But they cannot work it out now as the GPAs have become far too heavier to change – something about which you warned me long ago and made me strive for 9+.
Apart from acads, I remember the extra time you spent with me in TY when I was nt taking any maths courses. Like on the first Crypto work I did…on the sine and cosine of complex numbers. When I look back…I realize that trying for AACC Conference and all was foolishness. But you still had encouraged me at that time- which was quite important for the international achievements later on. I shall stop here, lest I would start sounding flattery. but I think, sometimes it is necessary to let people around you, whom you admire, know that- how much and why do you admire them. So thought of writing down this mail.

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