I could n’t really think of any apt title for this post. I am writing this mostly for my own record. I would like to come back later and just to see how how I was feeling at this time during my years at MIT. Time flies fast,almost six months since I have been here at MIT and it feels like 2 years. I have learnt more than I could have imagined. Probably a major part of the learning has been because of the fact that I am staying away from my parents and pune for the first time in life. Although initially I felt this should nt really matter, now when I look back I realize that it has taught me a lot of things I otherwise would have taken many more years to learn. These six months have been totally enjoyable. I have made new friends, and they together make a great mix. Even though the friendships started with mere exchange of smiles almost everyone I know has taught me something directly or indirectly or has helped me in some way.  For example I think I met Jinha in the lower lobby while he was playing piano and we together tried playing the super-nostalgic Mario tune. Jinha is great at playing piano. peopel around in lab show amazing creativity at times and make me realize that this indeed is a school of media arts and sciences and not a computer science department. I love ML.  Acads have been good and I wont really get into that, but it feels nice to have been able to maintain the standards I wanted to maintain.  I am also happy with the number of submissions so far and about the number of projects going on simultaneously. Although I would like to be even faster and even more prolific in publishing, the current rate seems to be good enough. Ramesh has been giving me chance to do reviews and also volunteer for ICCP. These tasks also made me learn a lot. Especially being in the SIGGRAPH reviewer’s shoes was a good experience. It has made me learn how I should be writing papers when I submit. Related work, Work evaluation and limitations acceptance seem to be major concerns for reviewers most of the times. just deal with those neatly and you should be fine. I like my group as well. Everyone is just so enthusiastic about new things and dedicated to work hard and also play hard. People step forward to take up responsibilities do their best. I should also write down some of learnings from Ramesh.(doing that at the botttom). Its a great opportunity to be here. I feel fortunate. I think I at the place I wanted to be. (same goes with CoEP for undergrad). I keep feeling I should try to get more out of it. Hope the ML india workshop also takes up. That will be one of the ambitious attempts after coming here. Liking research, and learning a lot from the mistakes. The feel good factor!

My sincere apologies to those who came here expecting an entertaining post. It was not supposed to be. What I have written above has more reading between teh lines though, I think.

Very simple things which we probably already know but never follow:

1. One can never get good research done if one opens gmail at the start of the day.

2. Manage Time, People, Money, Space well.

3. Be very careful about how and on what you are ‘spend’ing  your time. Sometiems you have to be selfish about your time.

4. Have the bigger picture clear (of the project) in your mind. What statement is your paper making?Whats the message?

5. Make your paper so well written that reviewer will just end up tick marking his check list.

6. We are here to have fun, and we are here to change the world.

7.  Visualize the future and ask- are you doing what you should have been doing if you were to be the winner?

8. Don’t waste time over trivialities. Either fix small things or just decide to ignore them if they are nt really important.

9. Learn to make good professional connections

10. Be aware of state of the art

11. Be modest.

12. Follow email etiquettes.

13. Always play a fair game.

14. Dont take up an idea until you have tested it completely.

15. Always ask the question ‘ Why not the best?’


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