Handling Social Media Crises : i5 talk Mahindra 2012

Spoke at the Mahindra i5 Talks in 2012. This is a youtube video of the talk.
“Rohit Pandharkar, from the CTO Office at Mahindra’s CanvasM speaks about “Handling Social Media Crisis and Using Social Media for Effective Business PR” [bit.ly/Ua2oOO]. Social Media Analytics is one of the most commonly thrown phrase these days. However there is much more to it beyond a passive internet crawling and NLP. After you have crawled and interpreted things, there is still much more to be desired from the standard social media products. “How to respond to Social Media Crisis” is not something anybody teaches us. We have to learn – the new age solution to this new age problem, through the nitty gritties of “How mass psychoogy works”. The most predictably irrational responses to social media crisis often results in billion dollar brand value losses for businesses. We need to understand that a mistake is a mistake and no point suppressing, censoring the content you may not like.”


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