About me

Rohit Pandharkar,
BTech,(Senior Undergraduate)



8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dude,that’s not enough to introduce you.
    Write about your passions,about the algo you have developed,about your cryptographic supremacy :D, maansa…maaj karayla shik jara.

  2. A complete gone case! This man has some International papers to his credit at the age of 19.I cant appreciate him anymore.Mansa….put up the conference thingy somewhere on ur blog!

  3. hii rohit, i m giving gre and want to get adm in a very good uni. can u pls tell me what all will be needed for a good uni.

    also pls kindly tell me how did u get opp. to do summer intern in iit

  4. Its great to see your blog, I am planning to develop something on cyrptography for the kvpy, I just landed myself on Quantum Cryptography, I used to study Quantum when I was in 8th std, this seems to be a very interesting subject and in the field of cryptography this is very promising, I am thinking to how develop the project.

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